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CerebroMix - Pressure Vessel and Mixing System Software

The CerebroMix program is the unique software that design and analyses pressure vessel and mixing systems. CerebroMix calculates pressure vessel calculations per ASME Code Section VIII, Division 1. The mixing system is analyzed by and mathematical method develop by Cerebro-Engenharia over the last 30 years. The program wizard format allows users to enter data very fast, in safe mode and with a short learning time.

The program can design pressure vessels under internal or external pressure with the following components:

  • Elliptical, Torispherical, Conical, Toriconical, Hemispherical and Welded Flat covers (UG-34).
  • Cylindrical shells.
  • Nozzles, with large opening analysis per Appendix 1-7.
  • Legs supports for vertical vessels.
  • Saddles supports for horizontal vessels (Zick analysis).
  • Wind loads and Earthquake loads per UBC-97.
  • NR-13 report for Brazilian users.
  • Special Heads for atmospheric tanks with impellers.
  • Paddle Impellers.
  • High Efficiency and Propeller Impellers
  • Flat and Concave Radial Turbines
  • Flat and Tubular Anchors, with and without Wipers
  • Mixing of Liquid-Liquid, Liquid-Solid, Liquid-Gaseous and Liquid-Gaseous-Solid.


CerebroMix software is multilanguage software. The current version has a dictionary to translate forms and reports to English and Portuguese languages. CerebroMix uses Multilizer technology that allows users to change quickly the software operating language.

Commercial and Calculations Reports

Commercial and calculations reports can be create in Portuguese or English language. The reports can be viewed in a dedicated viewer, or can be generated as MS-Word documents. To generate MS-Word documents, MS-Word version 2000 to 2016 must be installed in the same computer of CerebroMix.

The commercial report shows the following items:

  • All data of pressures vessels;
  • Weight of materials;
  • Drawing of heads;
  • Schematic vessel drawing;
  • List of nozzles;
  • Impellers dimensions and drawings;
  • Summary of mixing power calculations.

Units System

Users can enter data, or generate commercial reports, with different units systems. Program allows users to define, edit or change several units systems.

Reports calculations can be create using customary units (in and psi), international metric system (mm and MPa) or technical metric system (mm and kgf), according to the ASME Code requirements.

Experience and Scientific Domain

The lack of information and standards related to design of mixers is a constant challenge to the area researchers. Only with practical applications, cumulated with scientific researches we may prove the efficiency of a calculation model for mixers.
The calculation model developed by Cerebro-Engenharia is base in 30 years of research, manufacturing and implementation of many mixing systems in Brazil and South America.

CerebroMix Light

The CerebroMix Light program is designed for users who do not need the pressure vessels calculation part according to ASME VIII-1.

The commercial report of CerebroMixLight shows the following items:

  • Weight of materials;
  • Drawing of heads;
  • Schematic vessel drawing;
  • Impellers dimensions and drawings;
  • Summary of mixing power calculations.


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